Double Feature 1.4.2

  • Fetch info: Get movie info from Internet for a selected movie. Fields can may be replaced:
    • Title
    • Director
    • Year
    • Summary
  • Fetch Genres: Similar to "Fetch info", but focused only in genres. Allows add new genres and add them to a movie.
  • Folder scan: A tool which can add all the movies found in previously selected directories.
  • Reload suggestions: By default, Double Feature gets suggestions based in a search by title. This feature allows reload the suggestions according the new title (which is changed by the user)

Double Feature 1.4

  • New UI, more beautiful and organized.
  • New info fields: Comments & Tags
  • New feature: "Add a part": Add your movies with more than one file.
  • New feature: Movie context menu, which has more functionalities.

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