Add a "seen" button

Feb 16, 2012 at 7:33 AM

I'm new to Double Feature, but I absolutely love it.  I've already shared it with multiple people.  It's very easy to use and does most of what I was looking for.

Like everyone, I do have a couple suggestions...

1)  Create a "seen" button.  Like I said I am semi-new to using it so maybe I haven't seen it (I have seen the 5 star system, but that doesn't really offer much of a benefit since you can't see it on the main page). It would be perfect if it showed up on the poster of the movie (like a star or circle in the corner).  Just click if seen or not.  Reason for this is that I, like a lot of people have hundreds (or even thousands) of movies.

2)  If there was a separate section for TV shows.... I have amassed a HUGE collection of tv shows but it doesn't appear Double Feature finds many of them, and even if it did, and there is no way to really index them in the program.

Again,  Thanks so much for the program... I love it already and plan on using it for a long time!!!!!  I just saw you appreciated suggestions so those are mine.